Back pain?

Neck pains, back pains are very common. These back pains can come from a muscular contracture, a bad position, digestive disorders, scar tissue adherence following surgery, after-effects of sprain …

I use techniques that are adapted to the intensity of the pain and the tissue involved.


During a sudden shock, like a car or a bicycle crash, the body is subjected to a very sudden change in kinetics. The shock can cause whiplash, for example, but pain is sometimes present without any radiological signs.

I recommend to get treated urgently in the following cases:

  • Chest or vertebral pains.
  • head trauma.
  • If there is a loss of memory, hearing, smell, vision disturbances, recent dizziness, sleep disturbances.
  • If you have anxiety, a decrease in postural tonicity, a depressed state.

For elders

During the initial assessment of the body, I can diagnose and relieve chronic pain present in the elderly such as hip, knee, hand, spinal pain.

People with weak transit, dizziness, repeated headaches can see their ailments diminish or disappear with osteopathy. This comfort can radically change a person’s mood.

Elder’s immobility makes them tend to stiffen, losing the flexibility of the tissues and joints. I can improve the mobility and the locomotion of the various structures of the body.

Adults and disability

Osteopathy brings disabled people a better physical and mental state, thus helping them to overcome the difficulties encountered.

People sitting in a wheelchair may experience severe back pain from their position. I can relieve this pain after a session which allows the person to be less nervous and to feel his body better balanced.

Nowadays, osteopathy is part of the therapeutic framework and uses all the techniques at its disposal for the well being of people with reduced mobility.