What is Osteopathy?

Dr Still was disillusionned by traditional medicine and after losing his 4 children to illness he was convinced he could improve conventional medicine and created this new type of manual therapy called Osteopathy. Osteopathy uses a wide range of different techniques aiming to restore homeostasy / balance in the body and allow optimal health. Osteopathy relies on four main principles :

  1. The body has a self-regulated healing mechanism, it can repair and defend itself. The Osteopath is only a facilitator of this healing mechanism.
  2. “The rule of the artery is supreme” : Arterial blood supply is essential for proper nutrition therefore good function of tissues. The osteopath helps to optimize blood supply and drainage by releasing any tension.
  3. The body is one big unit and not just the addition of its different parts. It balances itself based on the principle of tensegrity. This also means that the area of pain may not be the area causing the symptom, but may be a compensation. The Osteopath always aims to find and treat the primary lesion.