I work on people practising all type of ball sports such as rugby, football, basketball and volleyball or combat sports, at the professional or amateur level. I also treat those who practice mountain sports and speed sports.

It is important to know that any loss of mobility, be it joint, ligament, muscle, tissue or visceral, can cause chronic pain, contractures, loss of balance that reduce physical performance.

Injury due to sports, such as a sprain, dislocation or contracture, often results in depression. Osteopathic care reduces the recovery time normally provided by allopathic medicine, because I can rebalance the body following the trauma, allow faster healing and avoid the installation of analgesic positions.

I can improve the effectiveness of the potential and muscle power. Its therapeutic treatment relaxes the joints and increases the respiratory capacities. The practitioner can act on the recovery time and on the evacuation of toxins.

It is necessary to consult an osteopath as a preventive measure in order to establish an assessment before resuming an intense sporting activity. It is the same for the preparation for a competition or an important test.

Nowadays, osteopathy has proven itself in the high level sports environment: it is part of the paramedical staff.