Period pains

33% of women suffer from period pains and 44% of women suffering from endometriosis and or adenomiosis are suffering awful pains every months. Their recurring nature and the overall acceptance of the pain also has a huge psychological impact. I offer a natural and efficient solution. 

Period pains can be caused by two things. First, it can come from a lack of oxygenation in the uterus muscle who is over contracting. Another reason is that your sexual hormones balance is not at the level your body is expecting, even if your medical records are fine.

I can provide a natural alternative to treat these pains. By looking for the source of the problem, I can improve the behaviour of the gynaecological function and decrease period pains:

  • By applying cranial osteopathy on the pituitary plan the hypophysis and the hypothalamus, I can improve vascularisation and innervation required for their optimal behaviour
  • manipulating the lumbal spine, pelvis uterus ovaries and the digestive system which is linked to it by fascias can also relieve period pains.



I can act on idiopathic fertility disorders and on conception difficulties. I can action

  • the mobility of the pelvis
  • reposition the uterus if he is in lateroversion or retroversion
  • on the good vascularisation and innervation of the pelvis cavity so that the foetus can develop in good conditions.

During pregnancy

The osteopath can avoid or reduce certain unwanted effects of pregnancy, such as spinal pain, sciatica, nausea, reflux, symphysic pubic pains, make more space for the baby to grow, functional disorders and anxiety.

The sessions can act on stress management, on improving respiratory functions and circulatory disorders, on the mobility of the pelvis, spine and visceral sphere. The harmony and balance of the pregnant woman will improve the comfort of the future baby. It is advisable to make at least two visits during pregnancy: the first, during the second trimester and the second, 2 weeks before term to help open the pelvis so the birth is more efficient in time and comfort for the mother and the baby.

After childbirth

postpartum consultation is also recommended two or three months after delivery in order to restore balance, if necessary, certain disturbed structures such as the coccyx, the pelvis and the perineum. I can also acts in the same way on episiotomy scars and on the after-effects of painful epidurals.

My work is fully integrated into the monitoring of pregnancy cycle with midwives and gynecologists.